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For Casino Security, Our Money’s On ROAMEO

Rain Man. Ocean’s Eleven. Casino Royale. We’ve all seen their iconic movie scenes, shot from overhead surveillance cameras’ perspective as security officers keep an eye on the tables.

A casinos’ heavy investment in security infrastructure is well documented, but what happens just outside their walls? Parking structures, public grounds, restaurants, adjacent hotel facilities, and shopping arcades all need protection too. Guests may be willing to part with hard-earned dollars for an evening’s entertainment, but they won’t make security and safety part of their wager.

When it comes to securing these spaces, casinos will be turning to ROAMEO, RAD’s latest security robot who proudly redefines the term “high roller.” Equipped with four HD cameras mounted nearly seven feet off the ground, ROAMEO’s golf-cart-sized figure autonomously rolls along, patrolling his route. Remote security officers monitor his 360° views and direct his response to security events, working in conjunction with on-site officers as needed. All data transmission occurs through an optimized, secure cellular connection.

Why will casinos turn to ROAMEO to supplement their human guard patrols? Because ROAMEO can do a better job, for less money, addressing the diverse security challenges posed by the casino environment.  

Let’s start with the crazy hours and non-stop action. ROAMEO remains as alert and focused at 3:00 am as at 3:00 pm, no coffee breaks required. He’s calm and composed, even if confronted with late-night shenanigans. His watchful cameras, recording 24/7, serve as a deterrent to such behavior or worse, while his imposing heft and height make him resistant to mischief and vandalism.

ROAMEO is as competent navigating busy, pedestrian-packed thoroughfares as vast multi-level parking structures. In busy places, ROAMEO weaves gracefully between people and obstacles courtesy of his advanced LiDAR integration, the same navigational sensor technology used by self-driving cars. His cameras are high enough to see over crowds but low enough to provide a human perspective. Pick-pockets and purse-snatchers, beware! In garages, backlots, loading, and staging areas, ROAMEO can handle ramps and hills, grass, and gravel. He doesn’t mind bad weather. He can even hop curbs without losing his balance. Plus, his maximum speed of 12 mph allows him to cover a lot of ground.

ROAMEO’s HD cameras are assisted by powerful, cloud-based analytic tools that help make sense of what he “sees,” such as the presence of humans in areas where they shouldn’t be. Facial recognition allows him to spot and identify individuals on a black-list who should be denied entry to the casino. ROAMEO can read, log and cross-check license plates with the help of cloud LPR software. When something doesn’t seem “right,” his human monitoring team can direct him off-route to explore further and send him back-up assistance.

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Like human security officers, ROAMEO is also an on-site helper, ready to assist with guest-initiated requests. In cases of an imminent threat or emergency, guests need only to push ROAMEO’s emergency button to call up an officer on one of his dual 22-inch touchscreens. Via a live audio and video connection, the officer can assess the situation, document all details, and dispatch needed resources, be they security personnel, law enforcement, or medical help. The entire interaction is securely recorded for future reference.

ROAMEO can also assist with non-emergencies, responding to a variety of requests common to casino-goers. In many cases, these concierge services can be automated through the use of customized apps. For example, restaurant directories, shopping directories, reservations, valet parking requests, lounge performance schedules, show ticket purchases and similar services might be accessed through his giant touchscreens.

Those same touchscreens offer prime advertising real-estate. While patrolling his route, ROAMEO can double as a moving billboard, underwriting his own operating expense. His crisp, bright displays will garner plenty of attention.

Casino security needs can range from the mundane to the insane. Who is best equipped to deal with all of them? Our money’s on ROAMEO.