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RAD Dealer Program

Through our dealer program, RAD will provide support in various ways to include:

  1. Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  2. You’re saving your clients money and delivering operational excellence
  3. Enhanced security for your end-user clients
  4. Co-branded RAD product brochures
  5. Your company positioned on the RAD website
  6. Custom rendered device designs, customer specific and dealer specific
  7. Proposal templates
  8. Video demonstration library
  9. Recorded presentations
  10. ‘Live’ sales demonstrations from our REX (RAD Excellence) facility
    (remote or in-person)
  11. ‘Live’ technical support demonstrations
  12. Site visits, remote and in-person
  13. Sales and technical support 24/7
  14. Unique and easy to use sales tools
  15. Your company listed on our ‘Find a Dealer‘ web page
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RAD is committed to the channel partners and believes in the synergy of building relationships and providing 100% customer loyalty.

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