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Less Expense.

With RAD, It's Inevitable.

RAD develops world-class security robot devices, software, and robotic security services.

Enhancing a facility’s security and safety while lowering overall costs.

What's the Industry Saying About RAD?

“Our clients require security services whether there’s adequate staffing or not. Placing RAD devices like ROSA, along with limited manned guarding staff will fill that gap, providing an enhanced security solution, and doing it for a lower cost.”

NANA Management Services

Eric Fox, VP of Operations

“We used to spend a lot of money for 24-hour security. Through RAD’s subscription model, we’re paying a fraction of what we were paying before. More importantly, we’ve seen a drop in crime. ROSA is doing the same or better than having a security guard in place. When ROSA sees someone at night, its response is scary enough that it does the trick.”

Citrus Construction

Greg Van Haute, Vice President

“RAD solutions are what the security industry needs right now. We expect to save this client close to $300,000 over the next three years – with just two ROSAs. Our clients want to save money while keeping their properties and guests safe and secure. We’re able to do that with RAD.”

USA Security

Chris Daniels, Director of Sales and Marketing

“Thanks to the ROSA units, we’ve addressed all sorts of issues. Damage to vehicles, graffiti on the exterior of the building, the homeless tampering with our electrical outlets to charge their phones, trash left around the property – that’s all gone since we put the ROSAs in.”

Midway Car Rental

Sean Perez, General Manager

“Until I witnessed how the RAD products work, I’d always thought that a machine would never replace a physical presence, no matter how smart it is. RAD changed my perspective on that. RAD products are going to be a game-changer, not only for Prudential and our clients but for the entire security industry.”

Prudential Alarm

Greg Wier, Vice President

“We’ve been very impressed with the team at RAD and how ROSA will integrate into our remote monitoring services. It’s not always feasible to have a manned guard on premises 24/7. ROSA will be able to perform many of these duties at a fraction of the cost.”

Cancom Security Services

Kenneth Davies, President

“I was introduced to RAD last year at a local security conference and was impressed with their technology, and their people. Their innovative solutions fit perfectly into our plan of leading the security services sector by offering the best technology.”


Brook Carreker, President


ROSA Independent Observatory

RIO is Ideal for Retail Parking Lots Construction Sites Utility & Infrastructure Properties Entertainment & Sports Venues School Campuses Healthcare Facilities Property & Real Estate Management so much more

Compliance & Security

RAD is SOC 2 certified. We keep your data safe, secure, and follow all of the advanced protection guidelines.


Responsive Observation Security Agent

ROSA is Ideal for Deterring Trespassing Property Surveillance Deterring Loitering Periphery Monitoring Autonomous Alerts

ROSA Is a Multiple Award Winner

Autonomous. Secure. Inevitable.

RAD began in 2016 as an innovator of autonomous remote services and devices.

The original SCOT security robot and robotic security services.
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RAD now produces a full line of mobile and stationary security robots – protecting facilities, properties, people and budgets.

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RAD Light My Way™

Security, Safety and Peace of Mind is Now in the Palm of Your Hands

RAD Light My Way is Ideal for School Campuses Property Management Parking Lots Client Services Property Surveillance

RAD Light My Way Is a Multiple Award Winner

RAD is building the future of autonomous remote services robots.
At RAD this future is inevitable.

RAD security robot company's ROAMEO mobile security robot guard and robotic security services.
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RAD has a security robot to fit just about any requirement, any facility, any budget, and any deployment, mobile or stationary.
Start with ROSA, work your way up to ROAMEO.

RAD robotic security company offers a security robot for any situation. From stationary to mobile security robot, ROSA to ROAMEO.


Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer

ROAMEO is Ideal for Patrolling Large Areas Information Services Securing Parking Lots Covering Tough Terrain Providing Extra Security

RAD is actively transforming how enterprise organizations protect their employees, guests and facilities.

RAD means: Robotic Security, Change, Performance, Innovation, Trust, Efficiency, Savings

Means Savings Security Change Performance Innovation Trust Efficiency

Looking for innovative, tech-driven methods to improve your security profile and you save money?

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Autonomous Verified Access

AVA is Ideal for Access Control Visitor Management Autonomous Control of Gates Delivery Processing

AVA Is a Recent SIA NPS Award Winner

RAD devices are made in the USA at the company’s 30,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility outside of Detroit Michigan. We fondly call it the REX (RAD Excellence Center).

RAD security robot company's products are made in the USA, near Detroit, Michigan, at the manufacturing facility we call the RAD Excellence Center (REX). Innovative robotic security.
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It’s no surprise why RAD is represented by the biggest names nationwide and the strongest regional security services dealers.

Number of Authorized RAD Dealers (US, Canada, EU)


Security Control Observation Tower

SCOT is Ideal for Visitor Management Property Surveillance Information Services Periphery Monitoring Welcoming Guests

Join hundreds of other forward-thinking companies that are connecting with RAD to place smart, autonomous devices in positions once held by guards.

RAD security robot replaces a human security guard with a security robot. Innovative robotic security.
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Don’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s smart, AI-driven security robot services are here – today.
RAD is the one company with the solutions that work.

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See and Control All That’s Going on Around Your RAD Devices

RAD Security Solutions

RAD’s remarkable product suite helps organizations improve their security profile by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to gain enhanced situational awareness, all at a drastically reduced cost.

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Autonomous. Secure. Inevitable.