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Deterrence, Detection and Autonomous Responses that Can Save Minutes and Lives

Every second counts. What if there was more time to react, time to take cover, time to lock down, time to respond, and time to neutralize? Active shooter events unfold at a blistering pace. Taking control of every precious moment between the first detection of a firearm and taking action will mean the difference between life and death.

Firearm detection is now included as part of RAD’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software suite, running on all RAD autonomous response security robots.

With RAD’s firearm detection, your facility or school can respond and react to a potential shooter incident before a shot is fired. Because of RAD’s advanced AI-based software and hardware solution, responses and alerts are fully customizable. Alert local security, law enforcement, automatically lock electronic doors, and triggering alarms are all standard responses for RAD devices.

We can give our schools, facilities, students, and citizens those valuable extra seconds or minutes when the RAD security robot autonomously detects, responds and alerts.

Examples of RAD’s Firearm Detection Analytic in Action

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About RAD and RAD Solutions

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Rapid deployment, installation included.

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All RAD devices are cellular optimized, requiring no IT infrastructure.
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Hardware, software & analytics created by RAD.

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Over 2 million paid operating hours in the field.
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Affordable, subscription basis for all devices.

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Virtual security operations center included. Unlimited user licenses. Unique single platform across multiple devices.
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Offices throughout the US. 80+ employees and rapidly growing.
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Partnered with the largest guarding providers.
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Multiple security innovation awards.

Time to React, Time to Respond

Law enforcement, safety, and security experts agree that reducing response times is critical in executing an effective response to what may be an active shooter incident. With a RAD firearm detection system, you’ll shave precious minutes off your response time and safety precautions can go into effect sooner, and law enforcement can respond appropriately with valuable information regarding the firearm suspect, possibly before shots are fired.

“RAD’s firearm detection solution may be that extra advantage the school needs, we all need, if an active shooter event is about to unfold.”

– E. Troy McCanna, former FBI Agent, Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force Coordinator/Supervisor, joined RAD in early 2022

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Firearm Detection that Produces Autonomous Responses

The detection of a firearm still isn’t enough to effectively avert an active shooter event. Facilities and schools need the extra advantage of an autonomous response from the detection device, and RAD has that and more. RAD’s entire line of safety and security robots including ROSA™, SCOT™, ROAMEO™, AVA™, Wally™, TOM+™ and soon RIO™ all are enabled with firearm detection AI analytics plus the ability to respond without the need for, and the possible delay in summoning human respondents.

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Firearm Detection Now Available on All RAD Devices

Firearm detection will be available on all RAD devices and is backward compatible with RAD devices already deployed. Clients will be invited to opt-in beginning in mid-June.

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