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RAD Software Suite

Once your RAD devices are deployed and activated it’s the RAD software solutions that you will be interacting with.
Whether it’s for direct or remote monitoring, enhanced surveillance or customized interactivity on the RAD device, RAD’s software is the power inside.


RADSoC™ is a web-based application that  security operators use to interact with their deployed RAD devices. This control and operation includes standard video features, two-way audio and video communications and control, RAD device LED messaging control and the platform to set up all autonomous responses. RADSoc also includes audit trails on activity and much more.


RADSight™ is the video management portion of the RAD back-end system. This is a combination of edge and cloud software that analyze video activity to activate alerts, stores and serves live or recorded video and has the controls to tune systems to every user’s needs.

RAD Light My Way™

RAD Light My Wayis a mobile device application that when enabled pushes security into the hands of the consumer. In short, by activating RAD Light My Way, subscribed RAD devices on the user's path are activated and a notification is sent to the appropriate security control center.


RADPmC™ (Property Management Center) is a web based application that property management operators use to interact with their deployed RAD devices. Features are managed on RADPmC that include entry management, visitor management and much more. The access control logs for various methods of entry are also stored in this portion of the dashboard.


RADGuard™ Is the touchscreen application that runs on AVA™, SCOT™, Wally™ and ROAMEO™ that allows users to perform various functions autonomously or with remote assistance. Such functions include help calls and emergency interaction, a variety of entry related functions and a variety of client-specific functions. RADGuard is built to be flexible so each implementation has a custom feel for every unique client.

RAD Mobile SoC™

RAD Mobile Soc™ is RAD's mobile app designed so users can interface and interact with their RAD devices. Functions on RAD Mobile SoC are designed for the user on the go with its primary focus on situational awareness and the ability to respond via the device. Concierge functions, audit logs, etc are not visible within RAD Mobile SoC.

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