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Markets Served

RAD solutions are well-suited for use in multiple industries such as corporate enterprises, government, transportation, critical infrastructure, education and healthcare.

Banking & Finance

RAD's security solutions provide an innovative way for banks and financial centers to provide safety and security to assets, employees, and customers.

With a wide array of security solutions tailored for bank offices, branches, and ATMs, RAD ensures comprehensive protection for each. We collaborate closely with you to deploy state-of-the-art tools, effectively securing and monitoring your properties and assets.

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Healthcare Centers

RAD's security solutions provide a new way for healthcare centers to ensure the safety of their patients and employees.

With the size and scale of healthcare centers and a range of different areas from parking garages, lots, campus areas, and restricted zones. RAD can give you the tools to effectively monitor, and provide customer service with our powerful and cost efficient visitor management system.

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Corporate Campus

RAD’s security solutions are a perfect tool for any corporate campus focused on expanding situational awareness through a combination of fully autonomous and stationary solutions.

Our goal is to help your organization improve security and reduce costs. RAD’s security solutions combined with its unique software suite, integration with third party software and monitoring services will help your business realize significant benefits of comprehensive, systematic monitoring.


Homeowner associations face an increasing challenge in finding affordable solutions that protect the property of homeowners. Whether it's an AVA™, ROSA™, SCOT™ or even ROAMEO™, your HOA community will be in extra good hands with RAD on patrol.

Providing a basic level of security helps protect homeowner property gives the homeowner’s association a way to track who is coming in and out of the general area. RAD security robots provide an inexpensive way to bolster security without breaking the bank, providing eyes and ears to the entrance of a neighborhood without the infrastructure or investment of a human guard.


Educational institutions face an increasing risk environment and recent high-profile incidents only further emphasize these real-world threats. Due to this K-12 schools, early learning centers and universities alike are striving to exceed security and operational goals.

Educational campuses are designed to help students expand upon their intellectual capabilities to drive tomorrow’s research and leadership efforts, but these open environments are increasingly becoming targets of evolving physical threats. New technologies, including artificial intelligence, can help schools be more efficient and secure, but they must be delivered in a cost-effective manner. RAD’s guarding solutions can help augment existing personnel to further ensure a safe and secure place to grow and learn.

Logistics | Distribution Centers

Logistics & Distribution centers are a prime target for petty crimes.

With expansive geographic footprints and lots of property moving through the facility, distribution centers need extra eyes and ears to deter property loss and loitering. In addition, these facilities are often in need of a cost-effective visitor management system. By using technology to solve these challenges, security operators can increase security and save on the bottom line.

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure sites continually seek ways to lower operational risk, boost productivity and ensure workplace safety. Asset protection and perimeter security are taken essential the high-profile environments in which these businesses operate.

The evolving risk environment also propels leaders to develop stringent security strategies to ensure robust protection, effective and efficient response, and business continuity. Comprehensive security planning and technology systems augment the capabilities of security personnel and today, organizations seek out advanced solutions that can also help gather intelligence that drive not only security efforts but also business optimization. SCOT™ boosts the protection of any critical infrastructure site where the end user needs more control over an expansive area.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security applications face inherent challenges: geographic difficulties, in that they’re large areas with vast numbers of people, vehicles, aircraft and land; business challenges; and evolving risk.

Security guarding services are often used to maintain operations and enhance security, but that can be a cost-prohibitive and dangerous task. RAD’s security solutions are designed to augment the capabilities of existing personnel and can handle the most challenging terrains and harshest environmental conditions. The use of robotic patrols helps ensure the safety of human guards and allows them to focus on more critical tasks.