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Happy Holidays From Your Friends at RAD

As we close 2020 (thankfully) and look back at this challenging year, we are truly fortunate to be in such a strong position to begin the New Year.

A few of the top RAD achievements in 2020

  • Tremendous TV, print and web coverage of RAD
  • Release of Face-Covering Detection analytic in all RAD devices
  • First AVA deployment
  • First ROAMEO deployment
  • Introduction and deployment of several Wally HSO (Health Screening Option) units
  • Release and deployment of SCOT 2.0
  • 11 new dealers including our first Canadian dealer,
    and our first European dealer join the RAD network
  • Company staff and contractors surpassed 40 people!

And RAD has much, much more planned for 2021!
Stay tuned.