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RAD Operations System Software

ROSS is RAD’s software solution enabling the millions of legacy IP security cameras previously deployed to be able to connect with the RAD ecosystem. ROSS empowers these non-RAD cameras to run the same AI analytic capabilities as other RAD hardware solutions, including firearm, human, vehicle, perimeter breach and loitering detection, immediate notifications, SMS alerts, and more.

A recent report by Berg Insight, estimated the installed base of connected video surveillance cameras in Europe and North America to grow at a CAGR of 18.1%, growing from 183 million units in 2019 to over 420 million units in 2024.

The above video clips are seen through legacy security cameras connected through RAD’s ROSS application. These cameras are now equipped to detect and autonomously respond to the presence of firearms, people, vehicles, perimeter breaches, loitering and much more.


If it's RAD, it's going to be good. RAD has perfected the art and science of AI analytics for the security services and #proptech industries. And now ROSS from RAD makes that power available for the millions and millions of legacy security cameras already in place.


ROSS' fully customizable alerts and responses are typically an escalation of both audible and visual alerts, including highly visible lighting and blaring alarms.


ROSS finally connects your legacy IP security cameras to a complete eco-system of AI powered intelligence, making your cameras capable of tasks unthinkable when they were first deployed.


RAD is a software company that needed to produce hardware devices until the development of ROSS. Now with modest hardware requirements, your security cameras will be repurposed with new applications - all from RAD.

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