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Latest Past Events

SIA Panel: Security Robots: Evolution and Future Role in Facility Protection

RAD Founder and CEO, Steve Reinharz participates in this lively discussion on the evolution and future of security robots in facility protection will feature industry experts who will explore the transformation from simple surveillance devices to today's advanced AI-driven systems. Key topics will include: The current capabilities of security robots Integration challenges and solutions Ethical […]

SIA Presentation: Autonomy vs Artificial Intelligence: Redefining the Role of Manned Security Guards

RAD Founder and CEO Steve Reinharz, along with Troy McCanna, RAD's Chief Security Officer, will explore the increasingly relevant discussion surrounding the roles of manned security guards in an era increasingly defined by emerging technologies including AI-based devices and robotics. The lecture will delve into the analysis of traditional security guard functions; their autonomy, decision-making […]

SIA Panel: Cyber-Hygiene for Physical Security Projects: What Do You and Your 3rd Party Providers Need to Know?

RAD President, Mark Folmer, CPP, PSP, FSyI, participates in this panel discussion. In today's increasingly digital world, it is more important than ever to ensure that our physical security systems are also secure from cyber threats. When planning and implementing security integrations in your environment, it is critical to take steps to protect systems from […]