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What Would You Do With $10 Million Dollars?

RAD Clients Know,
That’s What We Just Saved Them.

Since RAD shipped its first unit to a client in mid 2017 the savings have been mounting, at an accelerating rate. And today we crossed a major milestone – $10 Million in cumulative savings by deploying RAD solutions in place of traditional, costly manned guarding.

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This comes as no surprise to RAD. Our founder, Steve Reinharz refined the concept of ‘Autonomous Remote Services (ARS)’ as the logical, certainly not natural, next phase in industrial evolution. ARS represents a wholesale business transformation of the security and other industries presently bound with personnel. It’s a pure, 4th Industrial Revolution application of how we should be thinking about the best ways to deliver security, facility, concierge, and health screening services by engineering solutions from the ground up – and producing tremendous savings for these clients.

Maybe it’s time you deploy RAD solutions and take your share of the next $10 million dollars saved.