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Robotic Assistance Devices Announces ROSA180

If history teaches us anything, it’s that everything changes. As the saying goes, change is the only constant.

At RAD, real change means we’re listening to our clients and learning from every deployment. This also means that if we and our products are not constantly evolving, we risk survival. If we are not causing the disruption, we might be disrupted.

With that, we would like to introduce ROSA180, the next phase in ROSA’s logical evolution. The inventive minds at RAD took the finest elements from the original ROSA and repackaged the entire solution, giving ROSA180 a distinctive, modern appeal.

What you’ll immediately notice with ROSA180 is its 2X wider LED panel, capable of displaying any text message, in any color, at any programmable time as part of its autonomous responses to activities in its line of sight. And keeping an eye on these activities are ROSA180’s newly positioned dual cameras – now located on the underside of the unit. This location allows ROSA180 to have a greater field of view when mounted on a pole or high on a building’s wall or post.

What hasn’t changed with ROSA180 is its AI-driven analytics to provide for human and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, responsive digital signage and audio messaging, and complete integration with RAD’s software suite notification and response library. Two-way audio and upstream video communications are optimized for cellular, meaning no IT resources are required for a quick and smooth installation.

RAD Autonomous ROSA up angle 600x388 1
RAD robotic security company ROSA robotic security guard features

Like its predecessor, ROSA180 can be used to recognize and deter trespassing, loitering and other unwanted intruders. ROSA180’s autonomous alerts are pre-programmed based on the end-users’ particular needs and environment. When ROSA180 detects a human within its surveyed area, an internal countdown timer is initiated, and if the identified people remain in view of the device beyond the established time, an audible alarm and alert is activated. Furthermore, an on-duty guard or remote monitoring officer could be notified of the incident and then would visually identify these suspicious individuals. Once identified, the guard will initiate an audio announcement through ROSA180 notifying them that they must leave, or the property would take appropriate further actions.


What else hasn’t changed – because it didn’t need to? You can still stay connected to ROSA180 and all other RAD solutions via RADSoC. Receive SMS alerts when ROSA180 detects an activity, and access real-time data, video and audio at any time, on any device, desktop or mobile.

Change, what a RAD idea.