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The Smart Device that Can Conduct Health Screening Tests, Check for Face Coverings, and Perform Routine Surveillance.

Wally HSO is Here.

The Smart Device that Can Conduct Health Screening Tests, Check for Face Coverings, and Perform Routine Surveillance.

Wally HSO is Here.

Businesses and schools have been forced to redefine what ‘open’ means. Open for business certainly does not look like it did in early 2020. Companies and educators are working feverishly to re-establish themselves while safeguarding the health of their employees, students and visitors. Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) has an all-in-one solution to assist these facilities in opening their doors in a safe, non-touch, and secure manner.

RAD has developed a unique solution, built upon the popular Wally stationary security robot, now with additional AI-driven facial analytics, interactive screening assessments, and temperature sensors to create Wally HSO (Health Screening Option).

  • Reduce the risk of building access by infected persons*
  • Maintain a safe environment for employee, students and guests
  • Safer and more efficient than employing human resources to screen temperatures
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reinforces to others that you are doing all you can

*Wally HSO does not determine the presence or absence of any infectious disease.

Wally HSO Features

RAD Autonomous Wally HSO 600x900 1

Example of Wally HSO’s autonomous responses
while performing health screening.

  • Cellular optimized, plus WiFi connectivity
  • 2 digital cameras providing a full 180° field of view
  • Infrared temperature sensor built-in
  • RAD‘s exclusive Face Covering detection system available as part of RAD’s Health Screening Option
  • Complies with CDC, FDA and WHO health screening guidelines and recommendations
  • Customizable informational display that can feature text, images, and video
  • High visibility RGB LEDs
  • Human detection analytics with SuspectSpotter™
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring from RAD through the Remote Monitoring Center
  • Close-range video intercom
  • Long-range audio paging
  • Credential validation and access control
  • 22” touch tablet featuring security and concierge services, PLUS video conferencing with the SOC or guards in the field
  • Security |  Help  |  Panic button
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Standard 110v power requirement
  • Easy to mount on wall, connects and ready to perform in just minutes

Eliminate Human Contact with RAD Complete Security-in-a-Box Solution

guard 900x600 1

Conventional Security Guard

wally 900x600 1

Wally with Health Screening Option

High ability to spread virus asymptomatically


Inability to spread virus due to regular cleaning

Reproduces viruses if infected


Viruses die due to time or cleaning

No guarantee that febrile testees can be tracked


Gather face, video, and identification of all testees prior to temp measurement

Guard can pass people with no records or accountability


Full integrity of information & accountability

Information may or may not be gathered
on paper or in digital form


Full information in digital form
Automatically share information with testee

Difficult to share information with testee
More difficult contact tracing


Easier contact tracing

Out of budget



Reliability Challenges


Always in place

Not always onsite (rest/meal breaks)


Always in place

Independent workers (generally)


Always connected to monitoring personnel

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