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Transforming Retail Center Security with RAD’s RIO and ROSA Units

The Client:
A regional retail property management company overseeing several retail strip centers in the Midwest and central states, typically anchored by large grocery stores or movie theater complexes. The company’s portfolio includes diverse properties, each requiring tailored security solutions to address unique challenges at each site.

The Background:
The property management company engaged Hudson Services, a division of American Security & Investigations, a regional security provider based in St. Louis, Missouri, to enhance the security of their properties. Hudson Services has a 90-year legacy of providing comprehensive security solutions, including armed and unarmed security personnel, off-duty police officers, mobile patrols, and more. Known for their personalized, state-of-the-art security services, Hudson Services was tasked with addressing the growing security concerns at several of the company’s key properties.

The Challenge:
The property management company faced significant security issues at their properties, particularly in urban areas like St. Louis. The primary challenges included:

  • Frequent Dumpster Diving and Damage: Homeless individuals frequently rummaged through dumpsters, leading to damage and increased clean-up costs.
  • High Levels of Solicitation and Loitering: Non-residents often loitered around the properties, creating a sense of insecurity among tenants and visitors.
  • Numerous Car Break-Ins: A high incidence of vehicle break-ins, especially at one location, caused concern among tenants and attracted negative attention from local law enforcement.
  • Ineffectiveness of Manned Guards: Despite employing security guards, the guards’ limited coverage and inability to be everywhere at once left gaps in security. Additionally, police response times were often slow due to higher-priority incidents elsewhere.

“We had a lot of solicitation, loitering, and even damage at vacancies. Guards couldn’t be everywhere at once, and police response times were sometimes hours,” explains a representative from the property management company.

rio 360 big box parking 1920x1080 2
A RIO 360 with dual ROSA units in position at a big box retailer’s parking lot.

The Solution:
Hudson Services proposed deploying RAD’s advanced security solutions to address these challenges. The company decided to implement 7 RAD RIO™ 360 units and 5 standalone RAD ROSA™ devices across a few of their properties. These units offered several distinct advantages:

  • ROSA (Responsive Observation Security Agent): ROSA is a compact, self-contained security and communication solution that can be deployed in about 15 minutes. It is equipped with AI-driven analytics to detect human and vehicle activity, license plate recognition, and two-way communication capabilities. The high-resolution cameras and responsive digital signage of ROSA units provide real-time monitoring and act as a strong deterrent to potential intruders. ROSA’s autonomous response capabilities, including flashing lights and audible alerts, ensure that any suspicious activity is promptly addressed. The versatility of ROSA units allows them to be mounted on poles, walls, or other structures, making them adaptable to various security needs.
  • RIO (ROSA Independent Observatory): RIO is a versatile, mobile surveillance unit designed for large areas such as parking lots and construction sites. RIO combines all the capabilities of ROSA with enhanced portability via its solar powered trailer, making it ideal for outdoor use and providing extensive coverage. The flexibility of RIO allows it to be repositioned easily to adapt to changing security needs. Equipped with either one ROSA (RIO 180) or dual ROSA devices (RIO 360), both RIO units provide for comprehensive surveillance and effective deterrence.
  • Cost Efficiency: The deployment of RAD units significantly reduced security costs by replacing or augmenting the need for manned guards. This allowed the company to reallocate funds to other essential projects and improvements. The RAD units also reduced the need for frequent clean-up and maintenance due to decreased incidents of vandalism and littering, further enhancing cost savings.

rosa retail entrance 1920x1080 4
A ROSA device greets shoppers at a retailer’s main entrance.

The installation process was seamless and efficient. The RAD units, being plug-and-play, required minimal setup time and could be easily managed through a user-friendly interface. Hudson Services worked closely with the property management company to strategically place the units for maximum coverage and deterrence. The units were installed on light poles and building walls to provide optimal surveillance of critical areas. During the installation process, the team conducted thorough site assessments to identify the most vulnerable areas and ensure comprehensive coverage. The collaborative approach between Hudson Services and the property management team ensured that the deployment was tailored to the specific needs of each property.

The Results:
The impact of the RAD units was immediate and substantial, with significant improvements across several key areas:

  • Reduced Crime: Incidents of trespassing, solicitation, and loitering decreased significantly. “Since implementing the RAD units, car break-ins at one location have dropped by 75%,” reports the company. The visible presence of ROSA and RIO units deterred potential intruders and vandals, creating a safer environment for tenants and visitors. Specific examples include the prevention of multiple attempted break-ins and the deterrence of unauthorized individuals from accessing restricted areas.
  • Improved Relations: The positive feedback from tenants and reduced complaints from the police and community underscored the success of the deployment. “We’re no longer getting negative comments on social media or pressure from the police,” says the representative. The improved security measures also fostered a greater sense of community and safety among the residents and visitors. Tenants expressed appreciation for the enhanced security measures, noting that they felt more secure and confident in their decision to remain at the properties.
  • Operational Efficiency: The ability to pull footage quickly and efficiently in response to incidents was a game-changer. “We had a break-in, and the footage was analyzed and sent to the police within 45 minutes,” explains the representative. This rapid response capability enhanced the effectiveness of security operations and facilitated quicker resolutions to security incidents. The RAD units’ integration with cloud-based monitoring systems allowed for real-time alerts and easy access to historical footage, streamlining incident investigation and response processes.
  • Cost Savings: The deployment of RAD units resulted in a significant reduction in costs associated with clean-up and manned security. “It’s cut costs across the board, allowing us to reallocate funds to other projects,” the representative adds. The cost savings enabled the company to invest in further property improvements and amenities for tenants.

RIO 360 Shopping Center 1920x1080 1

The Next Steps:
Given the positive impact on security and operational efficiency, the property management company is considering expanding the deployment of RAD units to additional properties. Future plans include:

  • Expansion to Additional Properties: Considering the success of the initial deployment, the company is evaluating other properties within their portfolio that could benefit from similar security enhancements. This expansion aims to standardize security measures across all managed properties, ensuring consistent safety and protection. The company is also exploring opportunities to integrate RAD units with other advanced security technologies, such as drones and automated patrol systems, to further enhance their security infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement: Continued collaboration with local police departments will help refine the system and ensure that it meets the specific needs of each municipality. This partnership will also facilitate quicker response times and more effective law enforcement interventions when necessary.
  • Ongoing System Adjustments: Hudson Services and the property management company will continue to optimize the RAD units to maximize their effectiveness. Regular reviews and adjustments will ensure that the system remains responsive to evolving security challenges. The team will also stay updated on the latest advancements in security technology to incorporate new features and capabilities into the existing system.

“We’re planning for 2025, and so far, it’s worked out well for 2024. The police department appreciates the system, and it’s helping us manage our properties more efficiently,” says the representative.

A New Era for Hudson Services:
Not only has the deployment of RAD’s RIO and ROSA devices been highly beneficial for the property management company and its tenants, but it has also yielded significant advantages for Hudson Services. By implementing RAD’s cutting-edge security solutions, Hudson Services has greatly enhanced its operational capabilities and strengthened its reputation as a leading provider of innovative security services.

“Implementing RAD’s RIO and ROSA devices has been a game-changer for us,” commented Nate Zoellner, Executive Vice President, Security Solutions at American Security and Investigations. “These advanced security solutions have enabled us to capture this key retail property management client, displacing the existing security guarding company. The success of this deployment has opened new opportunities for us, and we look forward to leveraging RAD’s technology to further expand our client base and enhance our service offerings in the future. Additionally, the entire RAD team has been exceptional to work with, from the sales process to deployment specialists, making the integration seamless and highly efficient.”

The deployment of RAD RIO and ROSA units by Hudson Services at the retail properties has proven to be a highly effective and efficient solution for enhancing security. The partnership has not only addressed immediate security concerns but also provided long-term benefits in cost savings and operational improvements. The success of this deployment demonstrates the potential of RAD’s innovative security solutions to transform property management practices and deliver superior safety outcomes.