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Super Powers Aren’t Just for Super Heroes

Outperforming traditional security guards
is the super power of RAD devices

“If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?”
It’s one of those tricky job interview questions that reveal more about the candidate than they realize. It’s not asking what power the candidate would wish for; it’s a creative way of probing “what’s your greatest asset?” The astute candidate responds with a highly developed skill, or “superpower,” particularly relevant to the job.

What’s the right answer for a security officer? Having extra eyes. Not just more eyes, but really smart eyes. Eyes physically independent from their bodies that they can place anywhere. The problem is that with any human candidate, they’d be lying. The only eyes they have are most definitely stuck inside their head – all two of them.

Well, maybe not anymore. A suite of turn-key solutions, from Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), combines high-resolution digital cameras, powerful AI, and live video streaming to any mobile device or web-connected PC, effectively multiplying the vision of the standard security guard many times over. When empowered by RAD solutions, guard organizations can now honestly claim this superpower as their own.

RAD devices, available in wall-mounted, free-standing, and autonomous mobile units, are suitable for any location, area, or landscape, including those not accessible or safe for human personnel. They see better than human eyes, too. Their five-megapixel imaging puts our 20/20 vision to shame, as does their ability to see in low light. Plus, they’re on duty 24/7, without breaks, and can even provide a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

What would you do with those extra eyes? For guard organizations, extra eyes mean greater operational efficiencies, allowing them to serve more customers with fewer officers. When RAD-powered eyes spot something that requires attention, visual and audible alerts commence, and an automated mobile alert can be issued to patrolling officers, allowing them to respond quickly, on-site, prepared for the situation at hand. Human resources are reserved for when and where they’re needed while providing better coverage and more effective results.

Added eyes are an enhanced deterrent to criminals. They can be strategically positioned where human eyes can’t, like high up, or in cramped corners, spotting what’s lurking in the shadows and behind objects like dumpsters, vehicles, or shrubbery. Better yet, these eyes can integrate with other technologies within the RAD platform, helping to streamline many security and concierge services. They can be part of an autonomous temperature-screening kiosk. Monitor mask use. Read and record license plates. Identify faces of employees – or of unwelcome former employees. Facilitate two-way audio/video communication with a live officer. And much more!

In all cases, the AI behind RAD’s eyes can interpret what they’re seeing and initiate autonomous responses triggered by detected events. For example, a pre-recorded audio message can alert loitering individuals that they are being observed, instruct them to leave, and let them know that an officer has been summoned. Facial recognition combined with access control can allow approved individuals to enter a building while denying entry to others. RAD’s visitor management solutions can match photos IDs and live video against a list of approved visitors, issue visitor badges, and alert employees that their guest has arrived.

Unlike traditional surveillance systems, RAD solutions require no wired network infrastructure, no local connectivity. All communication is over cellular, optimized for low latency transmission. Pop them in place and they’re ready to go.

Super powers are no longer reserved for superheroes.
Security guards can have them too.
Partner with RAD, and extra eyes can be yours.

Let’s Meet RAD’s Super Heroes

SCOT™ (Security Control Observation Tower) is RAD’s flagship product. Standing over 7’ tall, SCOT is capable of manning and monitoring locations 24/7, and at a fraction of the cost of manned security personnel, while providing a host of concierge services (see next page). The unit’s 360° field of view through four high-positioned, hi-resolution, full-color, always-on digital cameras place eyes on property and periphery unlike any other product.

SCOT in use train station 600x400 1

SCOT can be positioned and engaged to monitor and record both human and vehicle activity in any environment, indoors or outdoors. RAD’s feature of SuspectSpotter uses artificial intelligence for accurate detection of persons – and then can perform a variety of actions based on location, time of day and day of week. Popular SCOT also includes the capability of initiating emergency calls to company staff or remote monitoring personnel with two-way audio and video communications. In the case of an imminent threat or actual emergency, the guest would simply push the unit’s CALL SECURITY button. Immediately, they will be greeted by a remote monitoring officer who could then activate additional device alarms and dispatch additional security or law enforcement, all while capturing every incident detail including, video and recorded audio securely on the cloud.

wally in use lobby 600x400 1

Wally™ This wall mounted version of SCOT seamlessly integrates with all other RAD devices and provides edge-to-edge 180° field of vision. As easy to install and scale as other RAD hardware, Wally deploys RAD’s innovative artificial intelligence-based technologies to enhance an organization’s situational awareness, communication and control. Wally takes full advantage of the RAD Software Suite and includes all of the features of RAD’s SCOT tower in a smaller package that’s ideal for corporate campuses, parking structures, exterior areas, and lobbies and buildings; anywhere that increased visibility is needed at a fraction of the cost.

ROSA™ (Responsive Observation Security Agent) is a security supplemental device that includes critical autonomous response to help simulate security personnel actions at a fraction of the cost. The device’s 180° field of view through dual hi-resolution, full-color, always-on digital cameras provide 24/7 visibility and monitoring.

rosa pole hello 600x400 1

ROSA can also be used to recognize and deter loitering. This device’s continually active analytics – all built-in – create an alert based on the end-users’ particular needs.  An internal countdown timer is then created, and if the identified people remain in view of the device beyond the established time, an alarm and alert is activated. Furthermore, an on-duty guard or remote monitoring officer would be notified of the incident and then could visually identify these suspicious individuals. Once identified, the guard could initiate an audio announcement through the ROSA device notifying them that they must leave, or the property would take appropriate further actions.

AVA in use gate 600x400 1

AVA™ (Autonomous Verified Access) is a compact and mountable unit that seamlessly integrates with all other RAD devices and provides an edge-to-edge 180° field of vision with advanced access control over gates and entries. As easy to install and scale as all RAD hardware, AVA deploys RAD’s innovative artificial intelligence-based technologies to enhance an organization’s situational awareness, communication, and control. AVA takes full advantage of the RAD Software Suite aimed at providing a comprehensive access control package that is ideal for storage yards, parking structures and lots; anywhere that increased visibility is needed at a fraction of the cost.

roameo outside casino 600x400 1

ROAMEO™ (Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer) is RAD’s latest addition to the lineup. When mobility, speed and power are needed, ROAMEO is the robot for the job. Innovative from the ground up to its impressive nearly 7’ total height, ROAMEO is an outdoor security robot unlike any deployed to date. ROAMEO takes all of RAD’s industry-leading AI analytics, video surveillance capabilities, and interactive communications and puts them on the move, at speeds of up to 12 mph.

ROAMEO’s 360-degree field-of-view routed through a robust analytic suite, all documented securely on the cloud through enhanced cellular services will allow ROAMEO to map property patrol sites, plan and execute routes, avoid obstacles (i.e., people, trees, power posts), and collect and apply data to further optimize for precision and efficiency.