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Safeguarding Privacy and Security

Now Available at No Cost to Law Enforcement Agencies

In an announcement made on March 26, 2024, RAD is now offering qualified law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. a complimentary user license for SelectBlur1. To request your no cost copy and license2, please complete the following form.

A RAD team member will contact you to verify your information and further discuss SelectBlur.

  1. Limited to one SelectBlur license per agency location.
  2. Subject to change or cancellation without notice.


Safeguarding Privacy and Security

The Challenge, The Solution

The Challenge

RAD’s SelectBlur effectively addresses modern surveillance challenges by prioritizing privacy through face obscuring, simplifying privacy regulation compliance, ensuring safety in sensitive situations, and promoting fairer surveillance practices with advanced AI.

The Solution

SelectBlur offers a comprehensive solution to contemporary surveillance challenges. It prioritizes privacy, selectively obscuring faces, safeguarding personal data, simplifying privacy regulation compliance, and ensuring anonymity when needed. Its advanced AI promotes fair surveillance practices, shifting from appearance to behavior analysis, addressing bias, and promoting equity in surveillance.

In today’s digitally interconnected world, the importance of obscuring faces in captured surveillance video cannot be overstated. SelectBlur from RAD, the cutting-edge AI-powered Windows application, serves as the ultimate solution to address the growing demand for privacy protection and security compliance. Here are four compelling reasons why SelectBlur is the go-to choice for safeguarding your surveillance footage:

This advanced technology prioritizes Privacy Protection by obscuring faces in surveillance footage, ensuring the safeguarding of personal information and reducing intrusion risks.

SelectBlur also simplifies Regulatory Compliance by seamlessly adhering to stringent privacy regulations, promoting ethical data usage while minimizing legal complexities.

In scenarios necessitating discretion, such as those involving confidential informants or undercover agents, SelectBlur excels at Enhancing Anonymity by selectively blurring faces, ensuring safety.

Moreover, SelectBlur’s AI-driven approach is committed to Minimizing Bias and Discrimination in surveillance, focusing on behavior analysis rather than appearances, fostering fairness in surveillance practices.

SelectBlur from RAD represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of surveillance, striking the crucial balance between security and privacy, regulatory compliance, anonymity protection, and bias reduction. Employ SelectBlur to safeguard individual rights and foster a more responsible and ethical use of surveillance technology in our interconnected world. Experience the future of privacy and security with SelectBlur today.

How SelectBlur Works

SelectBlur Use Cases

Law Enforcement

For law enforcement, SelectBlur safeguards confidential informants and undercover agents by selectively blurring faces in surveillance footage.

Public Surveillance Protection

SelectBlur ensures privacy in public spaces while maintaining security by obscuring faces, allowing authorities to monitor without intruding on individuals’ privacy.

Security Services

In corporate and retail settings, SelectBlur strikes a balance between security and privacy by identifying threats while protecting the identities of employees and customers.

Residential Neighborhoods

In residential communities, SelectBlur enhances security and respects privacy by obscuring faces in neighborhood surveillance.

Journalism and Filmmaking

SelectBlur aids journalists and filmmakers by respecting privacy in public footage, ensuring ethical content creation.