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Security Control Observation Tower

Standing over 7’ tall, SCOT is capable of manning and monitoring locations 24/7, and at a fraction of the cost of manned security personnel. The unit’s 360° field of view through four high-positioned, hi-resolution, full-color, always-on digital cameras place eyes on property and periphery unlike any other product.

SCOT can be positioned and engaged to monitor and record both human and vehicle activity in any environment, indoors or outdoors. RAD’s feature of SuspectSpotter uses artificial intelligence for accurate detection of persons – and then can perform a variety of actions based on location, time of day and day of week.

RAD security company SCOT security robot list of features

SCOT 2.0 Features

Example of RAD security company SCOT security robot giving an automatic response when detecting unusual activity

One of Four Digital Cameras


LED Screen for Effective Messaging

Vivid Scrolling Text Messaging (2)

Enhanced Cellular Antenna

Digital Camera

Web-Enabled Touch Screen

Example of SCOT’s autonomous response to detecting unusual activity.

  • Streamlined body standing 7’ tall
  • Solar panels
  • Wrap around RGB LEDs
  • Cellular and WiFi connectivity
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Mini PTZ cameras with auto object zoom
    and long-range visibility
  • Human detection analytics – SuspectSpotter™
  • License plate recognition – LicenseSpoter™
  • Customizable wraparound LED panels
  • Audio integration – Built-in VOIP communications
  • Long-range paging
  • Credential validation and access control (optional)
  • Close-range intercom
  • Large Tablet featuring security and concierge services PLUS video conferencing with the SOC or guards in the field
  • Security | Help | Panic button
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring from RAD through the Robot Monitoring Center
  • Up to 180 hours continuous operation
  • Standalone power – RAD Power Systems,
    plugin option for standard 110v power
  • Sturdy anti-tilt feet
  • Anchor Points on feet for a more secure deployment
  • RAD‘s exclusive Face Mask Detection System

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