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RAD’s RIO successfully deployed at the Trenton Summer Fest

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Lt. Andy Grignon, Trenton Police Dept., Troy McCanna, RAD Chief Security Officer and Richard Ruddell VP of Operations at Actron Integrated Security

RAD RIO with ROSA was successfully deployed at the Trenton Summer Fest in Trenton, Michigan, to support the Trenton Police Department in securing the area. By utilizing RIO as a force multiplier, the police department was able to enhance their security measures and ensure the safety of the event.

RAD RIO’s solar-powered security solution, integrated with the ROSA system, provided valuable surveillance and monitoring capabilities during the festival. Its presence helped deter potential threats and offered an additional layer of situational awareness for law enforcement personnel.

RAD’s RIO offers several benefits:

Enhanced Security:
RAD RIO provides an additional layer of security in the designated areas. It can help deter potential threats and enhance situational awareness for security personnel.

Monitoring and Surveillance:
The ROSA system, integrated with the RIO tower, includes cameras that capture real-time video footage and images from a bird’s eye perspective. This allows for effective monitoring and surveillance of the surroundings.

Rapid Deployment:

RIO can be easily deployed and set up in different locations, thanks to its mobile and self-contained design. This flexibility enables quick response and adaptability to changing security needs.

Being solar-powered, RIO reduces dependence on external power sources and offers a sustainable security solution. The solar panels integrated into the system provide the necessary energy for powering the security equipment.

The ability to rapidly deploy RAD RIO in such scenarios allows for effective and adaptable security operations, making it a valuable tool for event security management. By leveraging RAD RIO’s capabilities as a force multiplier, law enforcement agencies can optimize their resources and enhance their response capabilities to maintain a secure environment.

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