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RAD Releases New ‘RAD Light My Way’ Online Advertisement

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new 60-second online advertisement for RAD Light My Way, specifically designed to reach healthcare workers and administrators. This engaging and informative ad will be featured across popular social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Our latest advertisement showcases the revolutionary impact of RAD Light My Way on hospital safety, as exemplified by Scotland Memorial Hospital’s success story. The ad brings to life the transformative power of our AI-driven ROSA security robots and the intuitive mobile app that together ensure a safer, more secure campus environment for healthcare professionals.

The aim is to build interest and awareness about how RAD Light My Way is redefining campus safety in healthcare settings. The ad highlights the ease of use, effectiveness, and the peace of mind this system brings to healthcare workers, who are on the frontline every day.

We believe this advertisement will resonate deeply with healthcare workers and administrators, illustrating a future where technology and safety seamlessly converge.

Tune in to LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to catch our advertisement and discover how RAD Light My Way is paving the way for a safer tomorrow in healthcare.

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