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Louis Siracusa Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Security Technologies and ROSA

RAD Dealer Titan Security Technologies Installs the Islands’ First ROSA

Dealer of the Month for February 2021 Places ROSA

We all know that Hawai’i is the 50th state, but did you know that Hawai’i just received its first RAD resident? That’s right, ROSA has landed on the island of Oahu, thanks to Titan Security Technologies.

“We just finished installing our first ROSA unit, and we are so excited. Our client is a major resort, and ROSA will help keep the parking garage safe and secure. Installation was incredibly fast and easy. We’ve got many other exciting opportunities to place RAD products,” said Louis Siracusa Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Security Technologies and Phoenix Security Hawaii.

ROSA (Responsive Observation Security Agent) is a self-contained security and communication solution that can be deployed at a variety of locations in about 15 minutes. RAD recently published a Case Study outlining how a single ROSA installation at a California car rental agency has essentially eliminated instances of costly and dangerous theft, trespassing and vagrancy.

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Titan Security Technologies is established to provide its clients the latest and most unique artificial intelligence-based security and concierge solutions possible while simultaneously improving strategic efficacy, performance, and economics.

For information on how Titan Security Technologies can help you with your security needs or to book a demonstration of ROSA, please visit titansecuritytechnologies.com