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2 Great Events In One!

You are invited to apply to an event that will likely shake the security and robotics industries. RAD and parent company AITX will be hosting the highly-anticipated RAD 3.0 Product Announcement and AITX Investor Open House on October 13, 2021 at the fabulous REX Center near Detroit, Michigan.

During the Investor Open House and RAD 3.0 Launch guests and media will meet with AITX CEO Steve Reinharz and RAD President Mark Folmer, experience a tour of the REX manufacturing facility, and be part of hands-on demonstrations of all RAD devices, the newly updated RAD 3.0 product offering and of course a complete demonstration of RAD’s mobile marvel ROAMEO!

The tour and demonstrations will be live streamed via YouTube and will be posted in their entirety immediately following the event.

Download and complete this application form and return via email to investors@aitx.ai for consideration.

1) Submission of an application to the event does not guarantee attendance. 2) Proof of AITX stock holdings is not required for consideration. 3) Selected applicants will be contacted by the end of August with further instructions. Invitation to attend is non-transferable. 4) Attendance will be limited to approximately 50 attendees. All attendees will be asked to show identification. 5) Travel expenses to the Detroit area are not compensated. 6) By submitting this form you agree that while on AITX/RAD property you may be photographed or recorded on video and/or audio and you consent that such video/audio will remain the property of AITX/RAD for use in promotion and any other purpose at the discretion of the company in perpetuity, and that there is no compensation offered in return for such use. 7) Sharing on social media of any video or commentary is strongly encouraged.