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Invent Versus Innovate; It’s Not Just Semantics

“Innovation” may be what investors are seeking, but how do they find it when the term has become as meaningless as the word “awesome?” Even the Harvard Business Review has beaten it to death. It features 4,858 digital articles and 10,192 case studies on the topic![1] “Improving innovation” is the #2 internal strategy of more than 900 top CEOs surveyed for a 2021 survey, right behind “accelerating digital transformation.[2]” With every Chief Executive chasing “innovation” as the holy grail, how do shareholders know when they’ve found the real deal, especially with startups that too often build their businesses on buzzwords?

Maybe investors should be looking for something else, like inventors instead of innovators.

Merriam-Webster defines “invent” as producing something, such as a useful device or process, for the first time through the use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking and experiment.

By contrast, “innovate” is to make changes; do something in a new way.

If it sounds like it’s a lot harder to be an inventor than an innovator, you’re right! But at RAD, inventors we are! We invented the Autonomous Remote Services paradigm, which rebalances the dynamic between humans and technology to improve security services. We’re delivering on it too, with an extensive line of products transforming the security market and now sold by 25 authorized dealers, including some of the largest in the industry. We have customers who boast of impressive results after deploying our solutions. They’re experiencing better success at decreasing crime and vandalism while spending less money doing so. Our new production facility in metro Detroit is streamlining manufacturing, assembly, testing and shipping operations. Have no doubt, we are inventors through and through.

However, as we engineer enhancements to our inventions, we’re innovators too! The launch of RAD 3.0 devices, scheduled for October 13th, will include a complete overhaul of the product line, adding improvements to keep us on the leading edge while potentially shortening the sales cycle. An AITX Investor Open House, scheduled to coincide with our RAD 3.0 Preview, will provide a tour of our Michigan REX Center (that stands for RAD Excellence Center) and a hands-on demonstration of all products.

Richard Feynman, one of America’s great physicists, wrote, “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.”

We wholeheartedly agree. Our October 13th tour and demonstrations will be live-streamed via YouTube and posted in their entirety immediately following the event. See for yourself all the inventing – and “innovating” – we’ve been up to!