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SIA Presentation: Autonomy vs Artificial Intelligence: Redefining the Role of Manned Security Guards

April 11 @ 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

RAD Founder and CEO Steve Reinharz, along with Troy McCanna, RAD’s Chief Security Officer, will explore the increasingly relevant discussion surrounding the roles of manned security guards in an era increasingly defined by emerging technologies including AI-based devices and robotics.

The lecture will delve into the analysis of traditional security guard functions; their autonomy, decision-making abilities, and human intuitiveness – juxtaposed against the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowered systems enhancing or even replacing these roles.

While AI presents promising advancements in efficiency and accuracy, the presentation will also address the ethical and practical complexities such as privacy concerns, potential bias in AI systems, and the need for human oversight.

Through this talk, attendees will gain an understanding of the evolving dynamics between human guarding staff and autonomous devices, and their impact on security cost management.