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Dual ROSA Security Devices Keep a Watchful Eye on a Auto Dealer's Lot.

Beyond the Hype: The Real Role of Automated Surveillance in Crime Deterrence

RAD’s ROSA Enhances Security and Safety, One Location at a Time

In an era where security concerns are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the promise of a magic wand solution to stop crime is alluring. Many manufacturers of mobile surveillance units, also known as solar-powered security towers, claim their devices can stop crime. However, at RAD, we prefer to approach this matter with honesty and transparency. While our innovative ROSA™ system is a remarkably powerful deterrent, the truth about crime prevention is more complex than simply stopping it outright.

Understanding Crime Deterrence:
Crime deterrence is about making a location less attractive to potential offenders. It’s about adding layers of security that make would-be criminals think twice before acting. This is where ROSA shines. With its state-of-the-art AI-powered technology, ROSA offers a robust presence at any property, serving as a vigilant guardian that enhances safety, one location at a time.

The Reality of Security Solutions:
The notion that any device can completely stop crime is a misconception. Criminals on a mission to commit a crime are often deterred by visible security measures and may simply move to a less secure location. Acknowledging this reality, we believe in empowering our customers with the truth: ROSA has been designed to significantly increase the security posture of your property, making it a far less appealing target for criminal activities.

RAD CEO/CTO, Steve Reinharz, RAD President, Mark Folmer, and RAD Senior VP of Revenue Operations, Troy McCanna openly discuss how RAD’s Autonomous Remote Services solutions technically do not prevent the instance of crime, it moves it from its hard target to a softer target.

ROSA’s Approach to Enhanced Security:

Visibility That Deters:
The mere presence of ROSA with its advanced surveillance capabilities, acts as a powerful deterrent. Criminals looking for an easy target are often discouraged by such robust security measures.

Intelligent Detection:
ROSA utilizes cutting-edge technology to autonomously identify potential threats, ensuring that your property is always under watchful eyes. This level of vigilance makes your site a hard target.

Proactive Response:
ROSA’s ability to respond with immediate deterrents—such as lights and alarms—adds a critical layer of defense, actively discouraging trespassers and would-be criminals.

Honest Marketing in Security:
At RAD, we believe in honesty and forthrightness in our marketing efforts. By acknowledging the real capabilities and limitations of security technology, we foster trust and credibility with our customers. We’re committed to providing solutions that offer genuine value, focusing on the substantial benefits of deterrence, detection, and defense.

The Broader Impact of Deterrence:
Securing your site with ROSA, or it’s portable solar-powered version RIO™, not only protects your assets but also contributes to the broader effort of community safety. By making individual sites less attractive to criminals, we collectively raise the security baseline, contributing to a safer community environment.

RIO 360 profile empty lot 900x506 1
A RIO 360 Solution with Its Dual ROSA Devices Protects a Vacant Property.
RAD’s Commitment to Transparency and Integrity:

Our approach is rooted in a commitment to transparency and integrity. We understand that trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with customers. That’s why we’re clear about what ROSA can and cannot do. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about offering a solution that fits into a larger security strategy, providing peace of mind in an uncertain world.

The Role of ROSA or RIO in Your Security Strategy:
ROSA is an essential component of a comprehensive security strategy. It excels in deterrence, offers rapid detection and response capabilities, and ensures incidents are effectively reported and documented. This multi-layered approach enhances overall security, making your property a stronghold against potential threats.

In the quest for a safer world, honesty is our best policy. While ROSA may not stop crime in general, on your property ROSA’s mission is to stop crime in its tracks, moving it off your premises. By choosing ROSA, you’re not just investing in a piece of technology; you’re investing in a safer, more secure future, one that acknowledges the complexities of security in today’s world and offers a realistic, effective solution.

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