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You Should Be Following Steve Reinharz on Twitter, Here’s Why

Steve Reinharz, Founder and President of RAD as well as CEO of parent company AITX (OTCPK:AITX) is an active voice in both the security and artificial intelligence industries. Steve’s experience is multi-faceted in that he started and ran his own security integration company from the age of 24 to 31, becoming one of California’s premier system integrators. Subsequently Steve was part of a team that successfully sold an integrator to a global security firm for $42 million and has held various other security industry roles. Mr. Reinharz speaks and contributes to panels at ISC East and West, and ASIS. Mr. Reinharz is a leading member of several industry association committees, mostly through the Security Industry Association.

Reinharz credits almost two years of work performed with the LAPD as the basis for many of the technological innovations he has launched. Mr. Reinharz’ LAPD work was enabled by Captain (III) Charlie Beck who later went on to be LAPD’s Chief for 9 years. ‘Force-multiplication’ has been a hallmark of Mr. Reinharz’ career. Specifically using digital technologies to expand and improve client security programs.

Steve oversees all aspects of AITX and RAD. As President of RAD, Reinharz leverages his extensive knowledge and interest in robotics and artificial intelligence to design and develop robotic solutions that increase business efficiency and deliver immediate and impressive cost savings.

Steve regularly shares his vision, insights and activities with over 14,000 Twitter followers, click on the button below and you can too!