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The Pitfall of Relying Solely on Conventional Security Tech: A Call for a Robust Security Approach

The pressing matter that requires attention is the limited capability of conventional surveillance cameras in effectively combatting criminal activities. Traditional security systems have primarily been utilized for post-incident analysis and evidence gathering, falling short in the area of proactive crime prevention. As municipalities, universities, and businesses endeavor to uphold security, comprehending the constraints of conventional cameras — often aptly dubbed “evidence cameras” — is paramount.

Security cameras, while providing post-event utility, predominantly offer a perceived sense of security among the population. A predominant portion of the American populace expresses a sentiment of heightened safety in areas where surveillance cameras are observable. However, this psychological comfort doesn’t translate to a tangible reduction in illicit activities. Perpetrators, often undeterred by cameras due to the general lack of real-time monitoring and delayed response times, merely need facial coverings to circumvent identification and proceed with their nefarious intentions.

Despite these insights, numerous organizations continue to invest in traditional security cameras as a crime deterrent, largely driven by societal pressure to enact some security measure, the high costs associated with security personnel, and a lack of awareness regarding alternative technological solutions.

Traditional surveillance systems have a fundamental flaw in their passive nature, lacking the capability to genuinely intimidate or deter potential wrong doers. In stark contrast, RAD offers a complete line of security devices under their Autonomous Remote Services (ARS) portfolio, which has demonstrated its ability to deter criminal activity through active and evident surveillance. This suite of products offers a cohesive software platform which enables the control and monitoring of an array of AI-powered technologies, such as integrated security cameras, autonomous digital signs and audio messages, bright lighting, sirens, detection systems for humans and vehicles, two-way communication systems, and more – all modifiable according to the specific model. Not only automated responses but also live, managed interventions from human officers can be integrated when deemed necessary.

For instance, Southern California’s largest privately-owned car rental company, Midway Car Rental, utilizes RAD’s ROSA (Responsive Observation Security Agent) units to safeguard its multimillion-dollar vehicle inventory, along with ensuring the security of its staff and customers. In daylight, ROSA units exhibit welcoming and promotional messages and subtle surveillance reminders. However, during non-operational hours, ROSA transforms into a vigilant security sentinel, initiating automated responses like flashing red lights and vocal warnings to exit the premises upon detecting a person or vehicle movement. Remote monitoring professionals receive instant notifications and visual feeds, enabling them to issue voice commands through the device if required. Comparing such a security model to conventional security cameras underlines the heightened efficacy of ARS-empowered security solutions, even in scenarios like those being debated in Houston.

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RAD's ROSA takes the concept of property surveillance to amazing new heights.

Midway’s General Manager recounts witnessing trespassers’ reactions upon encountering ROSA, describing it as akin to “seeing a ghost.” Initial skepticism regarding the technological capability to offer consistent monitoring and act as a deterrent swiftly dissipated as vandalism and graffiti issues were eradicated and unauthorized loitering ceased within mere days post-installation.

Integrating ARS technology with remote human monitoring, RAD recently introduced another innovative solution named “RAD Light My Way,” crafted specifically to provide authentic reassurance to individuals navigating parking areas and pathways during nighttime. A network of RAD devices, all interconnected to a user-accessible mobile application, can be strategically deployed across identified zones, ensuring comprehensive coverage. When an individual, feeling apprehensive due to factors such as late hours, isolation, or inadequate illumination, activates a button on their application, the RAD devices illuminate the path, showcase customized LED messages, and enable audio interaction with a live officer, assuring them that they are being actively observed. The remote officer remains virtually present until the individual safely reaches their vehicle.

This approach undeniably offers a more robust defense against criminal activities than simply installing additional surveillance cameras. It employs technology that provides substantial, proactive security measures that dissuade criminals and strategically utilize human resources when and where they are most needed. Additionally, RAD solutions, optimized for cellular networks and not necessitating network infrastructure, are not only facile to install but also economically viable, with device subscriptions and monitoring services costing considerably less than equivalent levels of traditional security services.

Instead of allocating resources towards obsolete solutions that merely paint an illusion of safety, the investment should be directed towards technologies that have proven to yield tangible results. Especially considering the unprecedented surge in violent crimes in the post-pandemic era, affecting cities and towns of all sizes, RAD’s affordable and scalable solutions stand ready for deployment. It remains to be seen whether those in decision-making capacities, tasked with allocating investments towards public safety technology, are equally ready to rise to the occasion!

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