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Case Study – Convenience Stores

Helping You Keep Your Store Safe and Secure.


It’s a given that some sort of video surveillance is necessary for any convenience store. But what is that video system actually offering the owner? They are rarely a deterrent, and may be useful in a prosecution of a crime that has already taken place. What the marketplace needs is a solution that can autonomously keep a watchful eye on the premises, and then take action, visually, audibly and digitally when it detects that something is out of the desired ordinary.

Many convenience stores employ security personnel or hire mobile security services to regularly visit the property in order to reduce the impact of loiterers and vagrants. This places unnecessary cost on the business because of the challenges it creates.

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) has developed a suite of hardware and software solutions that create an autonomously responding security system. As a bonus it can provide valuable messaging, promote various specials of the day, and enhance the shopping environment for all. RAD solutions enable real-time deterrence to criminal acts, with non-biased autonomous engagement. This means that a RAD device can identify and respond – autonomously. Just like a guard, but without the high cost and related liabilities. Naturally, the platform includes comprehensive messaging, audio options and a host of other features in one simple to install security-in-a-box solution.

  1. Autonomous responses to unwanted visitors or vagrants, or to warmly welcome shoppers into the store!
  2. A physical deterrent that is highly visible
  3. Create non-biased, non-discriminatory, fully-recorded autonomous, and remote to situations in progress
  4. Provide situational awareness to on-site or off-site responders and command staff in real-time – with no IT involvement

RAD’s solutions provide all this – and much more. With a device well-suited for every location indoors and outdoors, RAD solutions offer both a deterrence plus the welcome addition of taking immediate action; whether autonomously or initiated by monitoring personnel or local authorities.


Loitering is a vague act and is difficult to prosecute and punish. C-Store operators often post no loitering signs to help prevent loitering that often invites criminal behavior. If a person or group of people stands outside of a convenience store late at night for a prolonged period, they may be suspected of selling drugs, panhandling and other nefarious acts. If not dispersed, loiterers can also grow to become a disorderly or violent crowd.

Moreover, loiterers can be a nuisance to other customers. When stagnant individuals or large crowds convene around a store entrance, for example, they can make incoming customers feel unsafe. In this case, the store manager may contact a security service or local police to have the loiterers removed. Business owners, and the police, have grounds to disperse loiterers when there is a visible no loitering sign posted.

RAD has an affordable, autonomous solution to help C-Store operators safely and effectively deter loiterers.


  • Autonomous audible and visual alerts when detecting a person loitering for a specified period of time
  • Autonomous audible and visual alerts when detecting a person not wearing a face covering as required by store policy or regulation
  • Audio and video communication between staff and patron
  • Digital video recording of surveillance area 24/7/365

RAD devices have been used to protect retail shopping properties in several ways. A RAD unit was deployed at a retail distribution center where management is now able to be more aware of what is going on at sensitive exit areas, and to ensure that their manned security guards are efficiently performing their duties. RAD technology provides the following:

  • Human Detection Alerts – RAD’s human detection alerts helps maintain situational awareness in the     area of deployment;
  • Remote Monitoring Center (RADSOC) – RAD’s ability to provide human interaction through its RADSOC allowed security to respond quickly with up to date information of what’s happening in the area;
  • Incident Recording of Video and Audio – The RAD unit’s cameras document the entire incident.


NOTE:  All RAD devices are designed to be easier to install and deploy, and faster to get to work, than any traditional security guard, usually within minutes. It really is as easy as plug the device in (if it requires power), activate it, and watch it go to work. All communications are handled through enhanced cellular connections, requiring no support from your IT department.

ROSA on convenience store loitering unlawful 900x600 1
RAD’s ROSA, letting unwanted loiterers and vagrants know that it’s time to leave.

ROSA (Responsive Observation Security Agent) is a security supplemental device that includes critical autonomous responses to help simulate security personnel actions at a fraction of the cost. The device’s 180° field of view through dual hi-resolution, full-color, always-on digital cameras provide 24/7 visibility and monitoring.

ROSA can effectively be used to recognize and deter loitering. This device’s continually active analytics – all built-in – create an alert based on the end-users’ particular needs. An internal countdown timer is then created when ROSA detects a human in its field of view, and if the identified person remains in view of the device beyond the established time, an alarm and alert is activated. Furthermore, an on-duty guard or remote monitoring officer would be notified of the incident and then could visually identify these suspicious individuals. Once identified, the guard could initiate an audio announcement through the ROSA device notifying them that they must leave, or the property would take appropriate further actions.


RAD solutions will not prevent or stop all crime from occurring, but they certainly will supplement any efforts to deter, alert, apprehend and eventually prosecute offenders with reduced risk of harm and injury to all personnel, and with great reductions in cost. What these devices will provide in addition to being and extension to your security profile is a more safe and secure shopping experience for all of your customers.