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RAD's ROAMEO on patrol at a power utility station.

7 Things You Didn’t Know a Security Robot like ROAMEO Can Do

Security robots are rolling into the mainstream, appearing in places like casinos, amusement parks, shopping malls, parking lots, college campuses, and airports. Maybe you’ve seen one busy at work. If not, we guarantee it will happen soon. Security robots are gaining traction because of all the fantastic things they can do. Although most folks don’t realize it, these wheeled wonders represent far more than mobile security cameras. They assist with a wide range of security challenges, and in many cases, do so more effectively and efficiently than their human counterparts. Capabilities vary by manufacturer, but here are 7 things that ROAMEO, a security robot from Robotic Assistance Devices can do:

1) ROAMEO can seamlessly switch between autonomous and human event responses, depending on situational need.
That’s right – RAD’s security robot is smart enough to “know what it doesn’t know.” When ROAMEO perceives an event that may require attention or intervention, it alerts its human operators, who can determine and guide the best course of action. They may send the security robot off its traditional route to investigate. Or initiate live communication with the site using two-way video and audio capabilities. Or maybe they’ll activate its audible alerts and flashing lights, stopping criminals in their tracks. Whatever ROAMEO’s operators choose to do, the robot’s technology is at their disposal.

In addition, ROAMEO can interact with people along its route and respond to requests for assistance, sometimes autonomously and sometimes in conjunction with its operators. For example, when equipped with the right software, ROAMEO might help a site visitor add money to her parking meter or point her to the closest public restroom. In fact, ROAMEO can assist two visitors at once; it has interactive, web-connected touch screens on both sides of its body! In addition, a push of its emergency button summons immediate, live remote or on premise support. Whether there’s a medical emergency or a fender bender that demands attention, ROAMEO’s remote monitoring personnel are available 24/7 to communicate with those on the scene, coordinate a quick response, and provide emotional and psychological support while waiting for help to arrive onsite.

2) ROAMEO – a security robot designed for outdoor use – can traverse any type of terrain without interruption.  
The “R” in ROAMEO stands for “rugged.” Sure, it can patrol parking lots, but that’s just the beginning. With four treaded, heavy-duty wheels and a low center-of-gravity and high ground clearance, ROAMEO can hop curbs, climb hills, and navigate in the rain, mud, sleet, and even some snow.  It can also cover vast areas. With a maximum speed of up to 6 mph, it’s ideal for patrolling the grounds of utility plants, airports, shipping ports, rail yards, and other sprawling, high-security properties.

3) Security robots don’t need to be “driven” – they can patrol their route based on their own intelligence.
With sophisticated object detection and navigation technology, ROAMEO can safely make its way throughout a dynamic, bustling environment where people, equipment, vehicles, and cargo are constantly on the move. Operators can intervene and adjust their route, as desired, but when left to their own devices, they can function just fine. When running low on power, ROAMEO knows how to recharge its own battery – no coffee required. At the end of a shift, it will drive itself back to its charging port so it’ll be ready to perform, full-throttle, next time it’s on duty.

roameo 2.x specs 1920x1080 1

4) Very tall security robots, like ROAMEO, can ‘see’ over passenger vehicles and light trucks to search for people and other activities of interest.

Maybe this isn’t true for all security robots, but the tall ones sure can. This includes ROAMEO, who measures an impressive 7 feet in height. A 360-degree field of vision doesn’t hurt either! And don’t forget its excellent vision in low light and at far distances, putting a human officer’s 20/20 vision to shame!

5) Robots can self-dispatch to investigate areas of interest identified by other security systems, and do so without any risk to human health or safety.
Hazardous environmental conditions or potentially dangerous situations can be assessed remotely before sending in real people. While we certainly don’t wish any harm on ROAMEO or its mechanical brethren, robotic hardware and software can always be repaired or replaced. Not true for human officers.

6) Visitor management, concierge, and information duties – all services typically rendered by human security guards – can be handled by security robots.
When equipped with the right combination of software and hardware integrations, they can perform a complex series of tasks, like register visitors, verify photo IDs, check body temperatures, issue and read digital credentials, print badges, notify host employees of their guest’s arrival, and even unlock doors.

From an informational standpoint, robots make for the most well-informed lobby attendants. They can display interactive site maps, directions, estimated wait times, hours of operation; there’s really no limit to the data they can share. Plus, when faced with a question or request they cannot process, a human operator is always on standby, ready to assist via two-way video chat.

7) Security robots are like digital signage on steroids – they’re some of the best messengers around!
With audio, dual video screens, and scrolling LED text messages, ROAMEO can communicate pre-programmed messages and situationally appropriate autonomous responses, such as welcomes, warnings, and emergency instructions. It can also display advertising from the site owner or relevant sponsors, turning a “security guard” into a potential profit center.

So there you have it: 7 things a security robot like RAD’s ROAMEO can do that might surprise you. It’s cool stuff, but what’s even more remarkable is the fact that the list gets longer by the day! As technology evolves and imagination breeds innovation, don’t be surprised if this list of 7 grows closer to 70 in the foreseeable future.

And, for the record, there is no security robot like ROAMEO, he’s one of a kind.