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RAD Board of Advisors Member

Craig Peterson

Craig Peterson possesses a demonstrated background of 15 years in the electric utility industry. He currently serves as a local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Steward in the New Jersey area, and is also a valued member of a multitude of other safety and grassroots customer service councils. On the job, Craig is tasked with ensuring the safety and reliability of the electric grid. His hands-on knowledge of workplace safety, accountability, communications, and transparency gives Craig a unique opportunity to streamline RAD’s production team.

As a long-term AITX investor and researcher, Craig’s knowledge of RAD’s security and health-screening systems has become a staple of investor relations. He acts as a significant link and conduit of information between RAD and its community, especially on Discord. His undying passion for RAD products, coupled with his technical knowledge of the energy industry, enables him to advise the RAD Board of Advisors concerning updated safe and efficient solutions in the manufacturing and implementation processes.